Deniz Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

Deniz Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

You can review the branding studies we have created for the Deniz Oral and Dental Health Policlinic, which provides services in Antalya, by scrolling below.

Logotype Design

Our goal in the logotype study was to define the work done except for the content of the desired name. After the alternatives prepared, our company started to progress by giving direction to its brand by deciding on the following design.


Corporate ID

Since the field of use in dentistry was quite wide, it needed a guide in which all identity became clear. We have created a guide that we provide to all our customers as below to prevent the brand's BTL documents from being manipulated in time. In this way, corporate identity work and all promotional materials are reduced to a standard.

Below The Line Products and Promotion Designs

We prepared our promotional and BTL designs prepared in line with the needs of the company in accordance with the brand's strategy. We steered our designs with the aim of usability and simplicity.


Social Media Account Management and Brand Strategy

To determine the starting materials and standard planned to be used in social media. It was delivered with all documents needed during its installation.


Corporate Web Site

While making Deniz Dental Polyclinic website, our target point was to implement a user-friendly interface selection and highlight it as a brand. It was prepared in accordance with the responsiveness of the site and the work of Google Adwords in the background. You can see the website created by preparing all necessary applications so that the brand can reach its potential customer. With the application of all digital and traditional marketing methods, Deniz Dental Polyclinic is one of the leading companies in the advertising world and its market.