Asist Group

Corporate identity

Asist Antalya is an important Istanbul based employment company that aims to provide an unfamiliar new and innovative service. It proceeds in creating the emphasis on "Most Trained Employee" in Antalya and drawing a new path to its brand with the support of our agency. We are happy that Asist Antalya, which has carried the brand perception to the upper segments with the works we have done and are still doing, is working with us.


Brand Presentation

We have concentrated our work in this area as Asist Antalya needs a presentation form that will announce that they offer the quality of service sought in the Human Resources process, OSGB, Certification Consultancy and Pest Control works domestically and abroad.

Social Media Designs and Account Management

With the social media planning and strategy we have prepared for Asist Antalya, brand awareness is increasing day by day. On important days and sharing, the brand's identity ID is the focal point. In the reports submitted at the end of the month, customer satisfaction continues.